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The Twin Cities Business network is a quick access to businesses and professionals in the St. Paul and Minneapolis Metro area that have great customer service and can get the job done right. We are proud to advertise for these great companies that work in the twin cities area.

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Faugstad Consulting

Boutique Business Consulting Firm – Providing Specialist Support to Your Organization in the twin cities metro area.

Faugstad Consulting is primarily focused on supporting the success of IT endeavors. Given the technological integration at every level of business, we have found that the number one issue facing organizations is in the alignment between business needs and IT output. To meet this challenge, it is crucial to employ the correct and necessary mix of skill sets and disciplines in the support of client success. 

We love bringing positive change management.

Veteran Owned Small Business - Project Management and IT Solutions

The Inventor’s Velocity Website & SEO Services

The Inventor’s Velocity is here to help you with your website and SEO marketing needs. Located in Rochester Minnesota, The Inventor’s Velocity specalizes in WordPress SEO marketing tactics that truly get the most out of your website. Connect with more potential customers with a great website design and proper keyword search tactics that will increase traffic and sales to your business.

We our proud to service our website clients in the twin cities metro area. Our mobile staff can drive up to your business to better understand your website and SEO needs and we offer free estimates. We love WordPress and can train you to operate your website and get the most out of your most valuable online marketing tool.

The Inventor's Velocity Website and SEO Services in Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.

We also serve the La Crosse Wisconsin area and Santa Rosa California.

Land for Sale

Looking for land for sale? In the Lansing Iowa area along the Mississippi River you will find a peaceful community with beautiful views of the Mississippi River called Eagle Ridge. Find out more about the lots for sale at Eagle Ridge Land Company.

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